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Emilio Isgrò

21 April 2017
17 June 2017

Tornabuoni Art Paris is pleased to announce the first retrospective of Italian artist Emilio Isgrò in France. One of the greatest innovators of the artistic language in Post-War Italy and precursor of international conceptual art since the early 1960s, Emilio Isgrò realised his first Cancellature (deletions) in 1964. Erasing the words to dis- play only the fragments of a now piecemealed text, he contributed to the birth and growth of Poesia visiva (visual poetry) and defined in 1966 his conception of poetry as Arte generale del segno (general art of signs).

Emilio Isgrò’s art is located at the intersection of presence and absence, of deconstruction and reconstruction, giving a new meaning to the media on which he operates. Instead of organising and selecting the words, he gives back to the words all its possibilities, powers and dangers. If society enchains discourses by formatting them, Emilio Isgrò erases a part of them, giving back their freedom to signs, images, words and punctuations.